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November 01, 2005

The Traditional New Month Readers Survey etc. etc.

Afraid I remain frightfully busy and thus of lowest added value here, but regardless adhering to my self-indulgent tradition of the open forum of reader compliants (which I will of course willfully ignore if I feel like), observations (probably will ignore), introductions (oddly more fascinated by this), suggestions (you know the drill), rants and the like.

Else, my scheming with the Fund closing remains immensely time consuming, while my proper job is spinning out of control as my director here has offered his resignation and assigned me to communicate with New York, for, as he said, "If I talk to those scum again, I will explode."

I share the sentiment but suspect my own head will explode.

Posted by The Lounsbury at November 1, 2005 11:24 AM
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reader compliants

Excuse me, Sir, but your Freudian slip is showing.

Posted by: Eva Luna at November 1, 2005 12:23 PM

Odd. My Director just resigned as well.

As always, good luck with Fund scheming (though you know where my real interests lie).

Posted by: eerie at November 1, 2005 01:46 PM

Still lurking around.

Here's hoping your head won't explode......

Posted by: kao_hsien_chih at November 2, 2005 05:33 AM

No, but my liver may need a transplant.

Posted by: The Lounsbury at November 2, 2005 10:17 AM

Going to be in Jordan for a couple weeks after the eid, tourist stuff. Would love to catch a drink at some point.

Posted by: Tom Scudder at November 2, 2005 01:43 PM

Sadly I expect to be in Marrakech and Kuwait, but being in Amman may not be off the plate. Complicated scheduling.

Posted by: The Lounsbury at November 3, 2005 02:37 PM

Very long time reader, but I was wondering if you could possibly treat us with some more accounts of doing business in the area. The bits you've done on "just because he speaks good english doesn't mean he's your pal" and on the Iraq Investors Forum were great. A lot of people who've never been have a hard time working out the kind of social order of things, where family ties and graft are dealt with a bit differently. I'd love it if you'd continue to write some more on this, you've got a wonderful style.

Posted by: djotefsoup at November 3, 2005 08:54 PM

Understood, however comments on business here for the time being have to be limited given some sensitive developments.

Posted by: The Lounsbury at November 6, 2005 07:38 PM

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